Goodbye to 2020

As we say goodbye to 2020, a few thoughts…

This was such a tough year for many of us:

Lots of us lost friends and family to COVID-19, and some of us had our own health problems as a result of that virus.

Some of us struggled with our own mental health as we were forced into quarantines that were unexpected.

Our children faced schools closing, grocery stores that had empty shelves, and scary times.

We watched our nation erupt into social unrest that for some people was unexpected, but for others, was too long in coming.

And so much more…

But in my house…

I had more time to read books I had been hoping to read.

I found myself suddenly having more time to snuggle my boys.

I spent more time talking to my husband.

My oldest daughter got engaged.

In December, we read the Gospel of Luke and thought of Advent in a way we never had.

So, in a year that had so many moments of fear, there were moments of beautiful light. Those moments are what I am going to bring with me to 2021. Happy New Year, y’all. May God bless you richly in this next year.


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