#GaETC16 – Days 2 and 3

Thursday was another great day at #GaETC16! I presented at 4:30 p.m. on Must Tech Tools for Social Studies.  Below is the handout for this presentation.

Must Have Tech Tools for Social Studies

What I have to say that I value the most about conferences like this is the true collaboration between teachers.  It’s one of the only times I see teachers have the time to sit and talk.  While some of this seems like simple socializing, it rarely is.  When you get close, you hear amazing things.  Teachers, I believe, are inherently social, and we draw strength from collaboration with others! I want to really thank all of you who came to my session. I know it was late in the day, but I so much appreciated the time spent learning together.

Friday brought time to connect with more educators. Big thank you to my friend Kenya Ransey (@kenyaransey) for her patience in teaching me Voxer and adding me to some great groups. I am already learning so much. Happy teaching with tech, y’all!


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